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Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 22, 2012

Central Texas in the fall--one of my favorite seasons in this area. Why? Cooler weather, for one thing. Texas blues skies and beautiful, wonderful seeds and flowers! The natural color palette is changing to the warmer side of the color wheel. Maximilian Sunflowers stand proudly presenting multiple bright yellow flower heads contiguously on stems that can reach nine feet tall! Native grasses are forming seed heads revealing golden, copper and magenta hues. Our native prairie grasses (many which are three to five feet tall) stand proudly in the sunlight bowing only to the wind. Tall prairie grasses, respectfully nicknamed “the big four” reigned supreme in the Texas native tall grass prairie ecosystem which once ran uninterrupted from Mexico through Texas and into Canada. Big Blue Stem, Little Blue Stem, Indian Grass and Switch Grass are integral members of the native tall grass prairie ecosystem. Interweaving a tapestry of texture and color, beautiful autumn blooming plants and flowers such as fall obedient plant, snow on the mountain, frost weed , blazing star and many other incredible native flower species create a new landscape painting in Texas. Changing of the season and respite from summer heat is an invitation to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Texas.



The joys of making art and allowing the creative spirit within you--soar. What’s keeping your creative spirit from soaring?

7:28 pm cdt

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rain and itís wonderful results--Puddles!

I remember the days when (here in central Texas) we, as children, would spend all day playing outside in the summer.

At my house, when I was a child, there was a beautiful large live oak tree in the backyard. Under “my oak tree friend” was a large sand-box where I would spend hours and hours in serious play constructing “roads” and using water buckets to fill imaginary “rivers” and “lakes” in my little sand-box world.

And then-out of nowhere-a summer rain shower poured down while I was playing in my little sand-box world. I got wet-but you know what? I loved the feeling of the cool rain on that hot summer day! It felt marvelous and made my little “rivers” and “lakes” a magical place! I stood up, in my little sand-box world, observing all the magical things that continued to happen to my little construction site--and I didn’t even have to use the water bucket to fill them!

And then I got an idea…I stood on the brick curb that surrounded my little sand-box world and I said to myself, “Ready! Set! Go!”, and I jumped with both feet into the cool, sandy puddles--in my little sand-box world! And you know what? That felt really great!

So my question to you today is: How long has it been since you jumped into a puddle with both feet? Creativity is like that, I think. Do you have the curiosity of a child and the courage to jump into the puddle with both feet?

7:08 pm cdt

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