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Artist's Statement

I love Texas! I was born and raised in the small town of New Braunfels, which is located at the base of the Texas Hill Country. My roots go deep and wide into the Texas Hill Country where family, friends and the German tradition planted seeds of artistic creativity presenting me with many opportunities for growth. Creating art is a necessary and positive way for me to convey ideas, life experiences and spiritual insights that I encounter during my life journey. When I create art, ideas flow in waves that surround and envelope me. In order to catch a creative wave, I use artist tools to record, manipulate, design and build on those ideas.

All Texas Hexes® Designs begin with a quiet moment, an idea, a sketch pad and research. While developing an idea, I travel to areas of Texas in order to research and learn more about a Texas subject of interest. I use photography and the sketch pad for reference and when I’m satisfied with the sketch, I take it to the canvas and use acrylic paints to develop the painting. My inspiration comes from experiencing the incredible natural beauty and nuances of Texas and it's the creative journey that nourishes my soul. I try to share the journey and love of Texas by sharing my work with you.

Texas Hexes® Designs are circular. Why circles? Circles are symbols of a never-ending journey. They are representations of ancient shields of protection. In the center of each circle is a design that reveals a visual symbol that may include several additional objects. The combination of all the objects create a message of encouragement and blesses the person who owns the art piece. Many of the art pieces include visual images of Texas flora, fauna and interesting aspects of Texas culture. Each Texas Hexes® Designs art piece is a symbolic reminder of the bounty and abundance of this great state and invites and encourages you to discover Texas’ beauty. Throughout history people have used symbolism as a way of communication and I enjoy using symbolism as a way of interpreting and creating interest in my work. As I develop a Texas Hexes® Designs art piece, I incorporate the symbolic story by writing the meaning of their symbolism. The symbolic story of each design is included with each art piece when purchased.

Since "hex" art or "barn" art sprouted from origins of barn decorations many years ago, I have chosen to grow the idea to include outdoor art possibilities. These art pieces are intended to be displayed outside on buildings, fences or used as garden art. In order to make these art pieces available to you, I have chosen to reproduce them with materials that will allow the color integrity to hold true in our Texas weather. I invite you to join me on this journey through Texas and together we’ll discover the blessings and abundance that this great state offers to each one of us. My motto for Texas Hexes® Designs is … "Sharing the blessings of Texas through art." I think that statement just about says it all.

MaryB Wenzel