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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Technical Difficulties...

Well--Happy New Year!

So today I thought I'd try again to post on my blog page. It seems these days technical issues have been the order of the day(s). And since I'm one to not give up easily on issues that are important to me, I've decided to write another post to blog today.

I guess you might have noticed many of my previous blog pages are gone. Also your much appreciated responses have disappeared also. AARRGH! I wish I had an explanation (for more than one reason...) but I've yet to discover where over 50% of my blog entries and responses have vanished. Hey--if any of you find them floating in cyberspace somewhere--let me know so I can lasso them and bring them back to this blog page. Oh well a new year and new beginnings give us all an opportunity for growth--right?

So to update you with what I've been up to at Texas Hexes Designs studios--here is a brief summary of what's going on...

Last December Cathedral House Gallery in San Antonio, Tx. invited me to show a few of the Texas Hexes Designs series in their show and sale. There were a number of artists in the show and if you're in the area, I invite you to visit the gallery and grounds. It's a  beautiful place to discover. This year Cathedral House Gallery will host three gallery shows. I'll post the gallery show dates soon--so stay tuned...

I was very excited to donate a framed sixteen inch "Bless and Protect the Animals" to the first annual "For the sake of Jake" fundraiser for Canyon Lake Animal Shelter (CLASS) here at Canyon Lake, Tx. Since my work fit beautifully for their cause, I was happy to be able to help CLASS at their auction earlier in January.

On February 12 Episcopal Church Women of Canyon Lake is hosting "Have a Heart for a Child" fundraiser to benefit Communities In Schools--an organization that helps children in need in Comal County. Texas Hexes Designs will have several items for sale at the benefit with a large percentage of sales going directly to Community In Schools programs. It's also a very good and worthy cause that I'm happy to help with this year.

On April 4-5 (Easter weekend) Texas Hexes Designs will be represented in San Antonio's Little Church of LaVillita Starving Artist Show and Sale. Larry and I love participating in that show because a percentage of all sales from the show go to Little Church to feed the homeless in San Antonio. Starving Artist Show and sale is always fun a and beautiful show that is set in downtown San Antonio in the quaint old village off LaVillita.

By-the-way...we are celebrating our fifth year here at Texas Hexes Designs! Larry and I thank all of you for allowing us to be a part of your lives by "sharing the blessings of Texas through art". I enjoy being able to share my work with you and if we haven't met yet--I look forward to the day we do meet.



5:00 pm cst

Friday, February 22, 2013


Rockport and Whooping Cranes


To see (or not to see) Whooping Cranes...that is the question. Or where, out there, are they?

Can you see them in the picture? This photo was taken atop the large tower without a telephoto lens. The Texas Coast is vast...crane2.jpg

How about this photo.....better?


I thought so too. While bird watching and keeping our eyes peeled for the endangered Whooping Cranes that winter over on the Aransas National Refuge (close to Rockport, Texas), Larry and I spotted eleven of these birds last Monday andTuesday. The first sighting was at the Aransas National Refuge and the second and third sightings were close to a place called Big Tree located at Goose Island State Park.

The following day I was determined to observe these beautiful and rare birds and their juvenile chicks. We found three in one ranchers field, contentedly pecking away at insects while cautiously watching their surroundings. We stopped outside the barb-wire fence, alongside the road and quietly observed how they moved.

A couple of blocks away in another field, we spotted two large cranes standing around a deer feeder waiting for the grain to fall. Interestingly the next day when we returned to observe the birds, the same two were waiting for the feeder to release grain. In the same field, there was a family of three more Whoopers strutting around a nearby pond that is surrounded by cordgrass. A couple of Sandhill Cranes were nearby in the same field.


The photos are enlarged from one of the originals I took that day (digital manipulation is a great tool to use). I'm utilizing information I gained from the trip to develop a painting for Texas Hexes Designs (the series). Here is a pen and ink sketch that shows the beginning of a painting for the series. As I develop the painting further, I'll post a weekly update on this painting for you.



Until next week I wish you peace/love; strength/health; courage/creativity; vision/reality

10:11 pm cst

Friday, February 15, 2013


IMAG0275.jpgIMAG0275.jpgIMAG0277.jpgEarlier this week I was delighted to be a guest speaker for a group of lovely ladies from the Canyon Lake, Texas area. The Late Bloomer's Garden Club members and their friends came to listen to the story about my journey as an artist and the history that inspired me to paint and publish the Texas Hexes Designs series. We had a wonderful time! They are a great group of gals! I thought I'd share with you a bit of the process about how I approach doing a short presentation/workshop. 
When I do presentations, I write the speech, practice the speech and take the speech with me to refer to and rely on as I speak. I usually end up seldom using the intended speech at the event. I tend to share what I've learned with those who are willing to listen through story telling. I try to paint  desciptive pictures through words about the surroundings that are important to developing symbolism paintings. I try to involve the audience by using as many of their senses in order to help them understand more about the creative process and teach them how to go about developing a symbolism painting. We listen, we visualize, we become centered by deep breathing and stepping into a creative state of mind-if only for a few moments. We learn something new (a bit of geometry in this case) in order to allow us to feel a sense of accomplishment and utilize that new knowlege by applying it to our project. We "jump into the puddle with both feet" by using the tools artists use in order to create and complete our project (in this case, a hex symbolism painting).  We all learn from one another, celebrate the beauty of our creative spirit and come away with a clearer understanding of the creative spirit that resides within each one of us. We all leave with something valuable and tangible. The workshop participants understand more about the creative process by making symbolism art and take home their hand made art piece. I have reached out to new friends and shared what I do as an artist with them. 

8:45 pm cst

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall in Central Texas

Fall in central Texas is one of my favorite times of the year. The atmosphere transitions to clear blue skies and cooler temperatures resulting in a bounty of seeds. Acorns dropping to the ground, native grass seeds waving in the breeze, or summer wildflowers that set seeds for the next generation of spring color are tiny promises for a bountiful new year. Nature gently reminds me of the importance of healthy plant communities. As I stand observing these “little promises” surrounding me, I am quietly assured that the beauty of life will continue to flourish. I find comfort as I stand in awe of my surroundings. In this silent and still vignette, my mind quietly composes a parallel lesson concerning my personal life journey.

How we grow affects everyone around us. When we fall we have the opportunity to grow toward the light and prosper. As we mature, we nurture others through wisdom we acquire as we grow stronger. Through our wisdom and strength we can be assured that life goes on and offers each new generation a chance to grow and flourish in their own community.

All this from a quiet moment of observing nature.

7:46 am cdt

Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 22, 2012

Central Texas in the fall--one of my favorite seasons in this area. Why? Cooler weather, for one thing. Texas blues skies and beautiful, wonderful seeds and flowers! The natural color palette is changing to the warmer side of the color wheel. Maximilian Sunflowers stand proudly presenting multiple bright yellow flower heads contiguously on stems that can reach nine feet tall! Native grasses are forming seed heads revealing golden, copper and magenta hues. Our native prairie grasses (many which are three to five feet tall) stand proudly in the sunlight bowing only to the wind. Tall prairie grasses, respectfully nicknamed “the big four” reigned supreme in the Texas native tall grass prairie ecosystem which once ran uninterrupted from Mexico through Texas and into Canada. Big Blue Stem, Little Blue Stem, Indian Grass and Switch Grass are integral members of the native tall grass prairie ecosystem. Interweaving a tapestry of texture and color, beautiful autumn blooming plants and flowers such as fall obedient plant, snow on the mountain, frost weed , blazing star and many other incredible native flower species create a new landscape painting in Texas. Changing of the season and respite from summer heat is an invitation to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Texas.



The joys of making art and allowing the creative spirit within you--soar. What’s keeping your creative spirit from soaring?

7:28 pm cdt

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